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The Biggest Cleaning Mistakes you are probably making

It is very easy to pick up bad habits whilst cleaning without even realising it. Here are just a few common mistakes people are making when cleaning their home.

1.    Starting with the wrong spot in the room
Start at the top of the room and work down. Dust first, especially in those high, hard to reach places. This allows all the dirt to go onto the floor, which you can then sort out by vacuuming last.  This top to bottom rule works for shower screens and doors as well.

2.    Using the wrong cleaning products
Be careful of which products you use for which job. It is not a case of one product fits all. If you use a product that is not strong enough, you will not be cleaning sufficiently which will mean you have to clean again.

3.    Using dirty cleaning tools
You could be doing more harm than good if you are cleaning with dirty equipment. Be aware of how long you have used cleaning sponges and cloths for and use a new one after each big cleaning job. Remove mop heads and wash them and cleaning cloths at 60⁰c so you can continue to use them. For ease, disposable anti-bacterial wipes are great for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, however make sure you don’t just do one for each room. Although this method is quick and simple, it is less environmentally friendly.

4.    Spraying product directly onto surfaces
Spray your cleaning product onto a microfibre cloth first as this means you are cleaning with more accuracy. This method also means you don’t use too much product each time.

5.    Cleaning too quickly
It is tempting to get your house jobs done as quickly as possible; however, this does not always pay off. Although its great to split your jobs down into more manageable tasks, ensure you are still spending enough time on each task to do a sufficient job. If you rush, you will miss things and you will end up having to clean more regularly.

6.    Not reading directions
Even if you have chosen the correct product for the cleaning job, always read the directions label. They are there for a reason and if you don’t follow them it could waste your money and can even cause damage. Products can vary as to how long they take to be effective, and this needs to be considered when cleaning.

7.    Cleaning windows on sunny days
It’s common to assume the best days to wash your windows are when its sunny. It’s not! When cleaning exterior windows on a sunny day you’re likely to end up with streaky windows as the water and soap dry too quickly before you can clean them properly. The best conditions are a dry but overcast day.

8.    The way you clean (s shape not circular motion)
Its normal for people to clean in a circular motion however this is not the best way as you are just moving the dirt around. Use an s shape instead as it brings the dirt towards you and off the surface completely.

9.    Not emptying the vacuum
Doing this not only makes the appliance itself a breeding ground for bacteria but can also affect its performance as airflow will be restricted when its full. Empty the vacuum every time its ¾ full to ensure that it will continue to perform well. Also, don’t forget to clean the vacuum regularly too!

10.    Using too much cleaning product
More is not always better. By using the correct amount of product, you can save on having to buy replacements as regularly. If you have a sticky stain you cannot get off, putting more cleaning spray on doesn’t necessarily work. It will just create more tidying up for you.

11.    Using cleaning products on electronics
Electrical items don’t mix well with cleaning products. Either put a little bit of water onto a cloth or buy products that are specifically designed for electronics. Make sure you don’t spray anything directly onto them.

12.    Scrub stains out of carpets
If you spill something on the carpet, don’t scrub it away. It can spread the stain and it can also cause damage to the fibres of the carpet. Instead, place your stain remover on the carpet and then press down with a cloth with a dabbing action.

13.    You use furniture polish every time you dust
Dusting doesn’t mean you need to use polish. Moisture attracts more dust, so where possible use a dry, anti-static wipe instead.

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