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The internet’s best cleaning hacks revealed!

We all love having a clean and tidy house but who has the time to get it as perfect as we would like and keep it that way? Well we have scoured the internet for some of the best cleaning hacks.

Cleaning without chemicals: “I make up a 50:50 ratio of vinegar and water. You can wipe anything off with zero scrubbing or effort. Come to think of it. baking soda, vinegar, and or lemon juice can clean all things ever created!”

Tips for a spotless microwave: “Microwave a container filled with water and a squeeze of lemon for 2 minutes or so before cleaning it. It loosens up the gunk and makes it an easy wipe up to clean.”

Short, sharp cleaning shifts: “I set an alarm on my phone for 10 minutes every day right when I get home from work and clean as much as I can in those 10 minutes (dirty dishes into the dishwasher or clean ones away, take out the recycling, sweep the floor, make my bed, wipe down the counters...small things like that). It keeps the place tidy in between my weekly "big" cleans. 10 minutes is a really small commitment, so I can really make myself do it every day, and if I do it right when I get home from work I don't get too lazy like I would if I sat down first.”

Removing pet hair: “The best way to remove pet hair from furniture is to put on some cheap rubber kitchen gloves and wipe against the grain. This collects all the hair and other dirt neatly and you can vacuum it right up. It’s way more effective than lint rollers or only vacuuming. I just cleaned my whole car doing this, and while it takes some time and effort, it's totally worth it. It's no longer embarrassing to have people in my car!”

Newspaper tricks: “I use glass cleaner and newspaper to clean mirrors and windows. The newspaper doesn't leave streaks or lint behind, unlike microfiber or paper towels.”

Sock solutions: “Use your old socks to clean sinks and bath tubs. Put a sock over your hand like a glove and scrub the smooth surfaces and little crevices.”

Baby wipe winners: “I've recently discovered using baby wipes for dusting. So fast, and easy.”

Magic mopping: “When mopping timber floors mop in the direction of the planks, this makes any streaks less noticeable. Use hot water poured straight from the kettle to fill your mop bucket, this also helps eliminate streaks and floors dry in record time.”

Mouldy grout solved: “I swear by this. I squeegee baking soda into the grout lines, then moisten all the baking soda with hydrogen peroxide in a misting bottle. wait 20 minutes, then scrub quickly with an old tooth brush and then clean any residue with a damp sponge. “

1 fix wonders: “Every time you leave the room, fix one thing. Pick up whatever trash is there, whatever dishes are out, straighten one thing, dust one thing, whatever.”

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Written by Mike Pye

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