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The Most Incredible Dog-Friendly Hotels  in the UK

Your pet dog is a valued family member. Doesn’t that mean they deserve just as much love and attention as a human? We think so. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best dog-friendly hotels in the country so you can pamper your favourite pooch on holiday.

Gain happy woofs by giving your pooch a trip they’ll remember … for around five minutes. But while their short-term memory is brief, you get to live with the knowledge that your VIP (Very Important Pet) had the best possible care away from home.

Four Seasons Hotel, Hampshire

The Four Seasons Hotel in Hampshire is the perfect resting spot for your sophisticated four-legged friend. To stay here, dogs must be over six-months old and house trained. For their good behaviour, reward your pooch via the hotel’s comprehensive concierge service, where dog walking and other activities are on offer.

It costs £35 to board your dog at the hotel and on arrival you’re given a cosy bed, dish, pet food and spring water. The hotel doesn’t currently cater to canines over thirty kilograms (sorry Newfoundlands, it's not personal!) so make sure your pooch matches the hotel’s requirements before booking in

Hotel Endsleigh, Devon

Within this stunning Grade I historic house exists a haven for tail-waggers. There are over one-hundred acres of fairytale woodland for unrivalled exploration by sniffing. If your pooch is used to walks in built-up areas, a holiday here might send your companion barking-mad (but for the right reasons).

Pets are welcome in all rooms for £20 per night. But if you book through Pet Pajamas not only is that fee wavered but you get a glass of bubbly (for you, not the dog) on arrival. Bed and bowls are also available, plus tasty organic treats to make your doggy getaway extra special.

The Chesterfield Mayfair, London

You’d expect to find a plethora of hotels in the countryside that cater to pets. But in our capital city? You’d be less hopeful. However, The Chesterfield Mayfair delivers exactly that. Book yourself and your four-legged companion a room at this luxurious hotel and experience dog-friendly bliss.

Stay here and you’ll start to wonder if this is actually a hotel for animals, not humans. Beds and bowls are provided for, as well as treats and litter bags offered in handmade pouches. In-room pet dining is permissible but if you fancy eating out in the city, dog-sitting and walking can be arranged. A map of nearby parks and picturesque walks is also offered to guests at reception.

Brudenell Hotel, Aldeburgh

There’s nothing sweeter than watching your dog bound around the beach and play in the sea. So why not treat you and your pet to a seaside retreat in Aldeburgh at the Brudenell Hotel?

Dogs must be calm and kept on a lead. For their good behaviour, you can enjoy their company while dining on the terrace, rewarding your favourite pooch with a bottomless supply of yummy biscuits. And in case you need to go on a late-night walk, hotel staff will always be there to let you out and in

The Goodwood Hotel, Chichester

Buy a membership package for £50 at The Goodwood Hotel and your canine companion will gain access to the exclusive Kennels club. Included is admission to the hotel’s kennels where your dog can stay while you’re out. And in addition to a personalised bowl kept purely for your pooch, 70% of your fee is donated to the hotel’s nominated charity, Canine Partner.

Treats are also available on request, including organic pig ears. And you can grab a walking map highlighting dog-friendly routes around the stunning countryside. After a long day of walking, you and your pooch can dine together inside the hotel and sleep in the same room

The Devonshire Arms Hotel and Spa, Bolton Abbey

If your dog could speak human, they’d tell you that eighty miles of breathtaking countryside to explore is a dream come true. And that’s exactly what you get at Bolton Abbey. Nestled in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales are rivers, hills, ruins and enchanting woodland for an adventure of a lifetime.

And The Devonshire Arms Hotel and Spa offers both you and your canine a place to rest after days of outdoor fun. On arrival you’ll receive a soft bed, water bowl and treats for your tail-wagger. And while you relax at the hotel’s spa, your companion can snooze away in The Devonshire Arms’s doggy lounge.

Prince Hall, Dartmoor

The ideal pup-getaway? Prince Hall in Dartmoor might be it. With a host of amenities aimed specifically for our pointy or floppy-eared friends, from dog-washing gear to complimentary Bob & Lush treats, a holiday here is a bespoke experience you’ll want to repeat.

Four-legged friends are allowed in rooms and in the hotel’s outdoor seating area. Take two dogs with you and they can stay for free. After that, it costs £15 per pet per stay. And if you’re interested in taking your canine relationship to the next level, invest in the hotel’s special Dog Healing sessions for a nurturing and bonding experience.

Nevermind a Bone, Give a Dog a Holiday

“Why does watching a dog be a dog fill one with happiness?” - Jonathan Safran Foer, Author of Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Enjoying a hard-earned break with your best pup-pal is possible. And in the process, you get to experience happiness in its purest form. Because nothing makes a tail wag like adventure, new smells, copious amounts of treats and being close to their favourite human.

Here’s a refresher on the best dog-friendly hotels in the UK:

  1. Four Seasons Hotel, Hampshire
  2. Hotel Endsleigh, Devon
  3. The Chesterfield Mayfair, London
  4. Brudenell Hotel, Aldeburgh
  5. The Goodwood Hotel, Chichester
  6. The Devonshire Arms Hotel and Spa, Bolton Abbey
  7. Prince Hall, Dartmoor

Where will you embark on the ultimate pet-away?





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