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The Rise of Supper Clubs and How to Find One in Your Area

 Meeting new people can be difficult, especially when you lead a busy life. It takes time to find a way to socialise with potential new friends or network with business connections.

 Add that to the stress of going to a venue alone, and not knowing if the people you meet are looking to form new connections; this can make your goal to expand your social circle a trial (when it could be something fun).

 The good news? There are events you can easily access that are designed to eliminate these stresses.

 We call them supper clubs: events where the numbers of attendees are small, the food is excellent, and the potential to meet like-minded people is high. Learn the genius behind these low-key events, how to join them, and enjoy forming new friendships in the process.

 What is a supper club?

It’s 1935 and you’ve been transported to a smoke-filled, dimly lit room, full of chattering voices. You’re sat at a table with people you don’t know, but the easy flow of conversation helps you relax. The cabaret is on stage giving an electric performance, and your feet tap to the smooth rhythm of jazz.

This is an American supper club, the origin of these unique occasions. After a delicious dinner, the entertainment lasts through the night, as does the flow of drinks and sophisticated chat.

 You’re back in today, experiencing a British supper club for the first time.

 It’s a scene that has adopted the thrilling ambiance of its American counterpart. But many aspects have evolved to fit our modern society.

 The club is smaller and more intimate. People are engaged with each other, moving around the room rather than being stuck to a table. There’s great music, food, and drink. And the best part? You want to meet everyone there because you share something in common.

 This is the main purpose of supper clubs, and why they are so popular today. They create an intimate environment, bringing people together who are unlikely to meet elsewhere to share common interests, occupations or hobbies.

 It’s the perfect remedy for the difficulty of meeting new people when we have busy lifestyles. And locating a venue doesn’t have to be hard work when you know where to look...

 Finding a Supper Club Near You

 These events are located across the country, both in cities and in rural areas. They are usually formed independently, by individuals who host a club in their home and serve several courses of excellent food.

 This can create the assumption that they are tricky to find and join. Which is true, when you don’t know the following search tools. Luckily, you’re going to learn them.

1. Explore on social media

Finding your nearest venue can take just a few clicks on Twitter or Facebook. Simply enter ‘supper club’ as one key phrase in the platform’s search bar and your location as another. This will bring up the latest posts containing those words on your feed, with information that should point to a local event.

 From there, you can browse through any upcoming occasions of interest, find the host or an attendee, and message them to gather more intel to get yourself an invite.

 2. Talk to people

 The next time you go out for drinks with a group of people, ask them if they go to a supper club. Because advertising through the word of mouth is likely to be the best way to hear about these events.

 Why? Because hosts want to keep their numbers down, otherwise it could turn into a party. So they might choose to advertise on a smaller scale rather than online, using invited attendees to spread the word, decreasing exposure.

 3. Use a website search tool

 Both Eat My World and Supper Club Fan Group are websites and social media pages that allow you to search for events local to you. You can explore different options based on your location, taste in food, and interests.

 You might have to register to prove that you're a real and committed person. But this is a good thing: the information you provide will help your host bring people together who are compatible.

 4. Use an app

 Download the Supper Club App. This is a great tool for foodies because you can share recipes with the people you connect with during an event. Not only can you find venues through this app, you can create your own club. How do you do that, you ask? Well...

 5. Create your own supper club

 Perhaps you haven’t found a club nearby that interests you, or you prefer the idea of being a host and not a guest. Either way, you could benefit from creating your very own dining event. All you need is:

  • A clear concept (perhaps you want to bring people who have the same job together, or like the same sport)
  • An attractive menu
  • A space in your home that can be set up for a dinner party
  • A ticket price
  • A varied guest list (ask your friends to invite someone they don’t know)

 Build brilliant connections over dinner

If getting to know diverse and interesting people, eating delicious food, and relaxing in a cosy, informal atmosphere is your thing, then you’ll get the most out of supper clubs. So use what you’ve discovered here to easily add a new level of socialising to your life, and enjoy the exciting experiences that will happen as a result.

 Have you recently wined, dined, and socialised in this way? Or perhaps you’re a host? We’d love to hear about it, so please share your stories below!







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