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The Ultimate Winter Cleaning Checklist

Whilst it is often Spring that we associate with cleaning, it is not the only season we need to consider. With shorter days, and busier social calendars, it can often be tough to find time to keep on top of housework but Winter is a great time to get a head start on your cleaning. Here is the ultimate winter cleaning checklist.

Winter Cleaning Checklist: Every Room

Dusting: Don’t just dust surfaces, make sure you dust all the skirting boards and every corner of the room. Dust carries pathogens that can cause illness, so keeping on top of this task all year round will improve the air quality

Vacuum: Regularly vacuum each room to make sure there is nothing horrible lurking. Pay close attention to carpets and rugs where dirt likes to gather
Wash floors: Depending on the material of your floors, you should wash the floors to get rid of any bacteria that is lurking. Especially in the kitchen.

Freshen up paint: Inevitably over time walls will get scuffs and marks. Try removing these first with clever tools like magic erasers which you simply wet and rub on the wall. If these don’t work, touch up the paint. If you have a specific colour on the walls, ensure you have spare tester pots to help with this task

Varnish wooden furniture: This is a job that is often avoided but is important to keep wooden furniture looking its best

Clean light fixtures: Dust lampshades, clean any glass shades and check to see if any bulbs need changing.

Winter Cleaning Checklist: Bedroom

Swap the mattress: Flip the mattress and give it a good clean

Switch to a thinner duvet: At the start and end of the season switch your duvet to reflect the weather. Changing to a thicker duvet at the beginning of Winter will help you reduce heating bills and ensure you remain cosy all season long

Switch your clothes: When winter starts, grab your winter clothes (all those cosy jumpers, scarfs and gloves) and get rid of your summer clothes. You won't be needing them for a while!

Winter Cleaning Checklist: Kitchen

Empty cupboards and pantry: Empty all your cupboards and pantry and make note of what you have. Doing this each season will avoid you keeping food way best its sell-by date and will make it easier to see what you have and what you need more of

Clean Washing Machine: Use a specific washing machine cleaner or use bicarbonate of soda and white wine vinegar for a thorough wash. Finish by removing the drawer and making sure there isn't a build-up behind the drawer. If this is left unattended, odours can start to release and make your clothes smell

Clean Dishwasher: Same as your washing machine, your dishwasher needs cleaning regularly to ensure your dishes are being washed correctly. Use white vinegar or buy a purpose dishwasher cleaner which you simply place in the machine and put on a hot cycle

Clean Washing machine filter: It's not just the washing machine itself that needs cleaning. Empty your filter every now and then to avoid a blockage that can over time cause damage to the machine. Empty the filter of your tumble dryer even more often. If this isn't done regularly, It can be extremely dangerous

Clean microwave: Use lemon and water for a quick and natural way to clean the microwave and banish any odours.

Winter Cleaning Checklist: Bathroom

Deep clean toilets: Whilst cleaning toilets should be a weekly task, use this as an opportunity for a deeper clean

Clean shower head: If you live in a hard water area, you may notice limescale building up. Whilst you can purchase specific products that tackle this problem you can simply place coca-cola into a sandwich bag. Place the shower head in it and tape it to keep it secure. Leave for as long as you can (at least a few hours) and then you should notice a significant improvement without any hard work

No matter if you are wanted to freshen up a couple of rooms, or your entire home, this ultimate winter cleaning checklist is here to help you. Whilst this season doesn’t provide the same sense of freshness as Spring does, it doesn’t mean you cant freshen up your home this season. Whilst this list may seem long, if you break it down, this ultimate winter cleaning checklist can help that your house remains fresh, even during the coldest time of the year.

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