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Things you might be cleaning too often

We are always trying to find ways to cut down on how much time we spend on household tasks. Whilst some jobs cannot be avoided, there are some things that we tend to clean regularly that do not need to be cleaned as regularly. Here is a list of things you might be cleaning too often.


Of course, if there are any stains on your clothes then these should be washed straight away. However, many people are washing their clothes too often. Unless they are dirty or you have been sweating, most clothes can be worn more than once. Underwear, socks, and workout clothes are obviously the exception, but most other items can be worn again. Many of us automatically place clothes in the clothes basket when they are perfectly good to wear on another occasion. Not only is this saving you time washing, drying, and ironing clothes, but it can also save you money on electricity, water, and laundry products.

Rinsing Dishes

Do you rinse dishes before placing them in the dishwasher? Well, stop. You don’t need to. Dishwasher products are designed to dissolve food particles. If you pre-rinse the dishes, this can stop the dishwasher detergent from clinging to the dishes. Rinsing dishes in advance not only takes extra time but also uses a lot of water.

Light Fixtures

Light fittings definitely need a good clean now and then as otherwise cobwebs and dust can build up and brighten the lights. However, you don’t have to clean them weekly. Once a month is more than often enough.


Washing curtains can be a pain. The good news is they only need to be washed once a year (unless there are obvious stains). Whilst the majority of curtains are fine to only be cleaned annually, you may want to wash curtains in kitchens and bathrooms after every season instead.


Whilst duvet covers and sheets should be washed regularly, you don’t need to worry as much with additional bedspreads and duvets. Instead, wash these at the end of each season instead to keep them fresh. Most of them can be washed in the machine as usual. However, always check the label before placing them in the wash. Some may need to be taken to a laundrette if they are too bulky and heavy for the machine.


Similar to duvets, you do not need to wash your pillows regularly. Of course, wash the pillowcases often as they come into direct contact with your skin, however, the pillows themselves do not need to be washed as much. In fact, cleaning too often can cause them to start wearing down. Washing them every 3-6 months should suffice.


Try not to overclean your carpets. It takes time and effort and if you do it too regularly it can end up causing damage. Steam or shampoo your floors as a deep clean once a year to keep them in tip-top condition. Just ensure you are vacuuming weekly to remove dirt. Consider getting a professional company into clean your floors each year. Whilst DIY options are available and cheaper, you can end up causing more damage. For example, if you over-shampoo your carpets and too much liquid is used, it can lead to carpet mould.

Kitchen Pantry and Cupboards

Your fridge should be cleaned on a weekly basis as it stored a lot of perishable items. The same is not the case for a kitchen pantry or cupboard food. Instead, do a big tidy a couple of times a year. Empty the pantry and cupboards completely, wipe all the shelves down, organise them neatly and check the expiry dates on all the food.


A deep oven clean is not needed often, as long as you ensure spills and stains are wiped down as soon as they happen. If you keep on top of this, an oven will only need to be cleaned deeply a couple of times a year. To ensure you get a thorough clean, you may also want to consider hiring a professional.

Wooden Furniture

Avoid using furniture spray too often. Whilst wood spray polishes leave the furniture with a lovely shine, they can actually trap dust, so use sparingly.


Mirrors are usually on people’s weekly cleaning lists, however, it doesn’t have to be. Spraying too regularly with glass cleaner can start to destroy the back of the mirror. Instead, remove smudges as and when they appear on the mirror.

We all want a tidy and hygienic home but we have to ask ourselves whether each cleaning job needs to be done as often as you are doing it. You may be surprised that you have been giving yourself extra work to do. So remove these from your cleaning list this week and enjoy the extra time to relax.


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