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Top tips for Ironing

Ironing may seem relatively straightforward but there are many commonly-made mistakes when it comes to ironing. Here are our top 10 ironing tips and hacks to ensure you iron correctly, quickly, and efficiently.

Boil Water for The Iron

Boiling water before you put it in the iron will help to stop it from getting blocked up over time, especially if you live in a hard-water area. A blocked iron is less efficient and more likely to cause stains so it is important to try and prevent this from happening.

Iron in Heat Order

Start by ironing the items that need the coolest temperature first, then move on to the items that need higher temperatures as your iron heats up. This will save you time as you are not wasting time just waiting for it to get hot or adjusting the temperature.

Protect Your Items

When ironing delicate clothing, such as silk garments, or items with printed graphics on, lay a protective piece of material over the top of the items before ironing to avoid damaging them with the heat from the iron.

Iron In The Bedroom

Many people iron in the kitchen or utility where the washing machine and dryer are, but if you iron upstairs where the clothes are stored so that you can put them away as soon as they are ironed to decrease the chances of them getting creased or dirty.

Set Up the Board Correctly

Make sure your ironing board is set up correctly and that it is secure and straight. Ensure that it is standing even and flat. Your cover should be clean and tight on the cover so it is not bumpy and does not create creases or transfer dirt onto your clothes.

Use Vinegar to Remove Marks

If you cause scorch marks when ironing, dip a clean cloth into white vinegar and wipe it across the stain. Go back in the white vinegar with a clean part of the cloth and repeat until the mark is removed, then wipe over where it was with clean, cold water.

Use The Right Technique

When ironing, you should not wiggle it around too much as this can stretch the fabric and cause creases which can be hard to iron out. Instead try to iron in long, straight strokes to prevent this from happening.

Spritz With Water

Before ironing, spritz the fabric with water to help remove stubborn wrinkles. Some irons have a spritz option - if yours does, then use that. If not, simply fill a spray bottle with water and use that. Once damp, iron as normal.

Clean Your Iron

Make sure you check the base plate before ironing to ensure that it is clean. Regularly cleaning your iron will help to ensure that it does not mark or stick to your clothes or snag the material. Use a cleaning solution or equal amounts of white vinegar and water to clean the base plate.

Hire A Professional

If you are short on time, or would simply prefer to leave it to the professionals, you may want to consider hiring a cleaner to take care of your cleaning and ironing for you.

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