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Use this trick to clear mental clutter

Morning Pages is an idea created by Julia Cameron in her book 'The Artist's Way'. The basic premise is to dedicate a small amount of time each morning to writing before beginning your day.  Three pages are ideal, which sounds like a lot but they don't have to be well written or legible to anyone other than you. In fact they don't even have to be words, you can draw pictures, doodles or anything that comes to mind. It could be your next big creative idea that you're confident will transform the world, or it might just be a reminder that you need to buy cat litter – there are no rules.

The reason that Morning Pages has caught on is that many entrepreneurs attribute it to their success. They say that being able to vent and unleash ideas first thing in the morning means they can start the day with a 'clean palette'.  This gives them a level of clarity and focus that they would otherwise struggle to obtain.

While Julia Cameron prefers to use an old fashioned pen and paper to write her pages, websites such as exist, where users can write 750 words and they will be saved in a private place where only they can access them. What makes 750 Words even more interesting is that if you write enough you'll be able to see some interesting stats such as the most common emotions that you mention such as 'happy' or 'self-important'  and the topics that you most frequently write about such as 'relationships', 'work' and 'success'. 

Have you tried Morning Pages? Did it work for you, or do you have any other tips for starting the day with a clear mind?

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