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Areas covered: Lisburn, Ballynahinch, Dromore, Hillsborough, Crumlin, Downpatrick
All Postcodes within BT24-BT30
Finding the right domestic cleaning service is easy with Time For You.  Clients benefit from a regular cleaner who is HONEST, RELIABLE AND AFFORDABLE.   * POLICE CHECKED CLEANERS AVAILABLE.
Every clean makes a difference! 
Your cleaner is interviewed in their own homes and carefully chosen by us. We carry out identity checks and follow up with at least two references. We also provide insurance and arrange for you to meet your cleaner to ensure your approval before the cleaning begins. 
Time For You, Greater Belfast and North Down, is owned by Marieannette Magee and is currently trading directly through the Time For You Domestic Cleaning Franchise Network.  Time For You has over 140 Franchisees operating throughout the UK, and clean over 20,000 private homes on a regular weekly or fortnightly basis.  Marieannette has brought this reputable company to Northern Ireland and is building a successful business which provides a first class service.
You can choose between a weekly or fortnightly clean. 
Our typical rate for a weekly clean is  £11.50 per hour Monday through to Wednesday. £12.50 Thursday and Friday. 
Our typical rate for a fortnightly clean is £12.50 per hour Monday through to Wednesday. £13.50. Thursday and Friday
Please note rates may vary in different locations.  It depends mainly on your geographical area and availability of cleaners.
•    One off cleans are available upon request. One off cleans start from £25 per hour with a minimum of a 4 hour clean.

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Contact us today to discuss your needs in more detail by telephoning (Mobile) 07805585294, (Landline) 02892 508061, or emailing [email protected]
Remember every clean helps!
So what makes us different from the rest?  Along with the first class service you would expect, Time for You promises:-
•    A reliable, experienced and police checked cleaner.
•    A service tailored to your needs
•    The same cleaner each week/fortnight
•    Extra hours as and when required
•    A replacement cleaner when yours is on holiday
•    Insurance, so every clean is covered
•    Expert support and advice
•    A friendly, honest service from real people who care
Check out below what our clients have to say about us and on the testimonial page

"Thank you so much for making the whole cleaning process so easy.  My house looks sparkling and Nuala has just made a massive difference to our lives. I now look forward to coming home when the cleaner has been.   We love it and will be recommending Time for You!"  Margaret, Lisburn BT27

I am so glad I chose Lisburn Time for You to organise a cleaner for my home.  The cleaning service has been excellent. Marieannette was professional and wasted no time in helping us. The cleaner is very hard working and my home is really clean and shining.  Thank you so much.  Sarah, Lisburn BT27

Dear Marieannette
Thank you so much for sending Kristina to clean my house.  She has helped me so much.  Not only has she helped me back onto my feet but I did not think my house could look so clean.  I will definitely be staying with Time for You and recommending your services.  Pauline, Lisburn BT27    

I am delighted with Tracey. She leaves our house looking fantastic each time she comes and no job is too much.  She is very efficient and pleasant to have in my house.  Thank you so much.  Pat, BT28

Hi Marieannette,
Just wanted to let you know that I am delighted with how things are going.  Thanks for the Ironing today too.  The cleaning is always excellent and it is making my life much less stressful.   I will be sticking with Time For You Lisburn. Thanks  Deborah Ballynahinch BT24          
The cleaners are exceptional.  They clean my house to a very high specification and I just love to see them coming.  Long may it continue!    Katryne Lisburn BT27       

Life is too short to spend it cleaning, so get your precious time back by giving us a call today!

*Police Checked cleaners on request

Contact Us

02892 508061

Areas Covered

Belfast, Lisburn

Postcodes Covered

BT24, BT25, BT26, BT27, BT28, BT29, BT30

Contact Us

02892 508061

Contact Us

02892 508061

Who are you?

We are Time for You, Lisburn, Northern Ireland premier cleaning company.  Time for You Lisburn is owned and managed by Marieannette Magee since January 2014.  Marieannette has been delivering a professional service ever since and provides a professional cleaning services to hundreds of homes throughout Bangor and the surrounding areas.  

How do you vet your cleaners?

We vet our cleaners very thoroughly and very carefully! Cleaners initially complete a detailed application form telling us all about themselves, their skills and abilities, their experience and qualities.  We will conduct telephone interviews at this stage of any applicants who show potential. Cleaners passing this stage will then have a face to face interview in their own home. This allows us to see the standards and values that they live by and also lets us get to know them personally.  During the interview we check exactly what experience they have, perform Identification checks and gather reference details. For those who pass this stage we then perform reference checks, speaking directly to the referees so we can ask further questions to assess the cleaners suitability. Once that's all complete we then make a final decision whilst asking ourselves the important question, would we be happy for them to clean our own home. 

How quickly can you find me a cleaner?

As quickly as you like? We will normally find a cleaner within a few days and  no longer than 10 days from our appointment.

Can I meet my cleaner before they start?

No problem at all. Many of our clients are busy working professionals, and request their cleaner holds a key on their behalf. Our cleaners are always happy to come and visit you before the first clean if you require, to discuss your needs in person and discuss access arrangements. This also allows you to ensure that you are happy with them. Other clients are happy for the cleaner to simply arrive a short time earlier on the day of the first clean to meet them and discuss their needs, and then complete the first full clean following this. The choice is yours!

Will I get the same cleaner every week?

Yes ! We don’t believe in sending a different person each week. The same reliable cleaner will come to your home each time. This allows you to build up trust and a good relationship with your cleaner, and ensures that they work more efficiently week by week, and can rotate tasks within your home. We help you devise a routine which suits you and your cleaning priorities. The cleaner service is flexible and you can vary the tasks from week to week.  Your cleaner will clean anything internal to the property (within reason) within the allotted hours. 

What if I'm not happy with my cleaner for any reason?

Our service is all about finding the right cleaner for you. We always check with you whether you are happy with your cleaner.  Simply let us know of any concerns and we will do all we can to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.  We will initially try and resolve this with feedback to your cleaner as long as you are happy with this course of action. If you decide that you would prefer to be introduced to a new cleaner with immediate effect then this is not a problem. 

Do you have a minimum number of hours?

The minimum number of hours per visit is 2 hours, whether weekly or fortnightly. We want you to be really happy with the cleaning results and we are happy to work out a cleaning plan to ensure it's as cost effective as possible whilst ensuring the cleaner has enough time to complete your priority tasks.

Do you mind if we have pets?

We love pets!  We check if our cleaners are happy to work in homes with dogs, cats, rabbits, snakes, spiders, and just about any other animal that you can think of! This ensures that your cleaner knows exactly what to expect, and you are perfectly matched from the outset.

Do you have insurance cover?

We are insured for up to £2 million pounds against the cleaner damaging your property accidently. Please note, in order to keep your costs as low as possible there is an excess of £100 on all claims.

Do you supply the cleaning products?

The cleaner uses all the products and equipment within your own home.  We provide a suggested product list to get you started which means you get the products and smells you want used in your home.  This includes your vacuum, mop, sprays and cloths etc. It also helps to keep the rates as competitive as possible.  

What tasks will the cleaner normally carry out?

Pretty much anything you want them to (within reason!) Your cleaner will vacuum, dust, polish, wipe and buff until your home exactly how you want it. Most clients requests are for general floor cleaning, surface cleaning and polishing as required, as well as general room cleaning, to include the kitchen and bathrooms. Some clients request different tasks such as ironing, bed making, bed changing, putting clothes washes on, doing washing up, sorting food cupboards for out of date products and pretty much anything else you can think of… the list is endless!

So I can ask for help with ironing?

You certainly can. This is a common request from a number of our clients. Any ironing will be completed within the allotted hours at your home, and the ironing can be either left out, or put away wherever you want it.

That all sounds great. What's the next step?

The next step is to contact us either by phone, email or by using the “request a callback” feature. We will then arrange an appointment convenient to you to visit your property so we can fully understand your cleaning requirements.  We will then select a cleaner for you from our extensive database. We appreciate that a lot of our clients work long hours, so we can be flexible and meet you in the evening or at weekends if more convenient.