Here at Time For You, we love getting reviews from our highly valued customers and clients. The reason we exist as a business is to help people, to make more "Time For You" to enjoy life, rather than having to spend it cleaning your house. It therefore makes us very proud when we see reviews saying how happy our clients are with the domestic cleaning service we are providing them. Below are some of our recent client reviews that we are delighted to have received.

Hi Mark, yep, all still good :)

Sally Norwich NR3
Mark and Paula Ashby
Time For You Norwich

I am so pleased with my cleaner. She goes above and beyond and really keeps on top of all the dusting and cleaning. The customer service has been excellent, really hands on and attentive. Exeter, EX2

Mr Clarke
Ollie and Dominique
Time For You East Devon

Hi Mark, yes, still going well! Thanks for checking in, it's good to know you're here.

Emma Norwich NR5
Mark and Paula Ashby
Time For You Norwich

Hi Mark, Whitney is very nice, she did a great job, it always takes a while with a new space I think.

Kate Norwich NR2
Mark and Paula Ashby
Time For You Norwich

Five Star Rating 

Everything was very professional from the start . Excellent communication . Had our cleaner introduced today and very happy with such a nice person . Everything is sparkling . Thank you Angie for finding Danielle for us . It was great to meet you . 

Hope to carry on for a long time .

Hello Mark, thanks for getting in touch. I just wanted to let you know that I thought Whitney was absolutely great. The end result was fantastic, please do pass this on if you like - I was still around at the end and did say but it’s perhaps even better coming via you! Thanks a lot for your help! A great start! 

Debbie Norwich NR4
Mark and Paula Ashby
Time For You Norwich

Great Service

couldn't be happier with our new cleaning service. Jayne sent Lisa to us, who is an exceptional cleaner and so efficient. It was a delight to walk into my house after work and see the result. 

Miss P Lloyd-Halesowen

Just started using Time For You. The cleaner we have been matched with did an excellent first clean and we look forward to having her as our regular cleaning lady. Thank you, B Hicks, Ropsley, Grantham.

B Hicks
Karen and Mario Mangieri
Time For You Grantham

I’ve already referred two friends. Very pleased so far!

I would definitely recommend Time For You. Kam is a great Account Manager, thanks!

I would definitely recommend Time For You. Kam is a great Account Manager, thanks!

I like to have dinner parties with my friends and have my house cleaned twice a week before and after the weekend. Very affordable!

Time For You was recommended to me by a Friend. Really pleased so far!

So nice to come  back to a clean house after work. It helps me to unwind.

I hate cleaning! The Time For You price is very affordable and I trust my cleaner.

I have 4 children and no time for cleaning. So happy with the service and having the same cleaner each week.

I’m always very happy with the quality of the cleaning. It’s so good to come home to a clean house, thanks.

I chose Time For You for the peace of mind I get with a DBS checked cleaner. Kam has been extremely helpful and approachable.

In addition to regular cleaning I also have ironing and internal window cleaning done. It’s great to get some quality time back for my family.

Recently started with Time For You. I have been matched with a lovely cleaning lady who is very thorough and reliable. I feel a great weight has been lifted off me now I have someone to help me clean my home, thank you, Mrs A Cock, Ruskington, Sleaford.

Mrs A Cock
Karen and Mario Mangieri
Time For You Sleaford