Simple tricks for creating a calm and peaceful home

Every home has a personality, sometimes we just need to give it some TLC to bring out the best of it. Sometimes we’re so overwhelmed by our to-do list that the home can deplete our energy and leave us exhausted.

Simple measures like enhancing natural light, de-cluttering, furniture arrangement and using natural materials can infuse a sense of peace and calm in the home.

Whether you want to improve the calmness or simply want to spruce it up, here are some simple ways to maximise the look and feel of your home.

Clear the clutter

When the home is filled with stuff our eyes have no peaceful place to land. So file the paperwork, put the toys in baskets and keep the dirty dishes washed up. The scary thing is we probably don’t need half the stuff that we do have; if you’re overwhelmed by it all and don’t know where to start grab a dustbin bag and attack each room starting with the higher traffic areas such as the living room.

Cables and cords can be an eyesore and can add to the feeling of chaos in each room. Have one area where the chargers are and store them out of view.


Everyone needs storage, it helps manage the clutter and keeps everything in its place. There are many creative furniture and home organising items out there that can be both functional and attractive, such as standalone units or smaller bureaus for the hallway, which would be ideal to keep everyone’s house keys in.

Stack matching crockery together instead of piling mismatched plates up, it looks orderly and investing the time to match them together means avoiding hunting for the complete set in various places.

Storage boxes that fit under the bed can organise the kids’ things, whilst matching woven baskets and bins can look great on shelves for storing the loose items and paperwork.

Medicines kept in the medicine cabinet is actually the worst place to store them because the warm, damp conditions can damage sensitive ingredients. So transfer them to a first aid box and keep them out the way in the kitchen on a high shelf.


Colour can impact us on an emotional, psychological and physical level, affecting our mood and energy. Painting the inside of your house is one of the cheapest home improvements you can make, and with a fresh coat of paint it can actually add around £2,000 to the value of your home according to the Halifax Home Improvement Survey. Painting can refresh tired walls instantly, and with an entirely different shade can create the impression that the whole room has been redesigned.

Also, breathe some life into old furniture by stripping or painting it, it’s an effective, simple and cheap method of home improvement. Soft and neutral colours have a calming influence in the home.

Plants not only bring a restorative nature into the home, they can also help to clean and re-oxygenate indoor air. Add some plants to areas that you like to sit, greening up your home breaks up the corners that aren’t used, or kitchens that look bare. Adding plants or handmade objects near technical gadgets can offset the plastic feel and bring balance to the area. Ferns do well in bathrooms because of the humidity, and try herbs in the kitchen. Keep the dining room fresh with a vase of flowers, potted plant or candles on the table, and keep the clutter off!

Bamboo shoots combine and extend the benefits of the five natural elements, as well as absorbing surrounding negativity. Add items around the home that bring a smile to your face – these could be from fun holidays, or activities that will remind you of good times. Seeing these items throughout the house will give you a boost.


Shiny taps and floors give any home an instant facelift. And cleaning supplies are much cheaper than installing a new bathroom or kitchen! Keep a set of cleaning products in the bathroom – we have one set under the kitchen sink, why not have another set in the bathroom?

Keep the kitchen counters clear of clutter, leaving only the gadgets that are used daily out for convenience. This allows you to use the counters properly: spreading out ingredients for cooking or reading the papers.

Make your bed each morning, smoothing the sheets and pillows; this simple task can go a long way towards making a room look pleasant and somewhere you want to be.

Scents around the home can bring a sanctuary of calm, so place candles or aroma plugins around the rooms.


Whilst during the day a room can appear light and airy, when the evening arrives a room benefits from soft lighting to make it more relaxing. The warmth and ambiance of lamp light creates a cosy space, read more about lighting in our article How to make your home look bigger.

Floor to ceiling curtains or drapes can also provide a cocoon-like atmosphere at night time, whilst natural sunlight does wonders for us, it’s nice to be cosy in the evenings.

Hopefully these ingredients to make your home a peaceful and calm one will help, and you can all fully relax, rest and indulge in your special sanctuary.

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