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Makeover your fridge for the New Year

clip_image001So the Christmas rush is over, and there’s nothing more your fridge needs than a makeover to sort out the questionable expiry dates and post-Christmas chaos.

If in doubt, throw it out: chuck anything that looks like it might have developed a pulse or is growing mould, leaving you with not only with non-hazardous food stuffs but also a safer fridge.

Compartmentalise: try to organise the food into compartments, utilise the egg rack, and add the veg to the correct drawer. Using the right storage solutions will make your fridge look amazingly organised.

Tupperware: invest in some plastic containers to keep the loose items together, or to store leftovers for longer. Containers also go a long way to keeping organisation in the fridge.

Vegetable pollution: did you know that greens such as lettuce shouldn’t be kept near fruits such as apples, pears or bananas? No? The gas in the fruit accelerates greens’ deterioration, so keep the greens separate.

Spring clean: remove all the trays and shelving and give the inside a good scrub and wipe down.

Freezer face lift: don’t forget the freezer, go through the contents and bin everything that’s old or meat that’s been in there too long. Red meat and fish shouldn’t be frozen for more than six months, chicken no more than four months and sausages for only two months.

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