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3 easy ways to organise your kitchen

Whether you’re short on time, have to cook a big dinner or just need that one particular utensil to perfect a dish, an unorganised kitchen full of clutter can be your worst nightmare. Here are a few ways that you can make your kitchen easy to navigate.

Use the ‘triangle’ method

The key to making your kitchen work for you is good organisation. A popular method for many is to utilise the 'kitchen work triangle’. This makes it easy to move around the kitchen without too much effort. Unfortunately many of us are limited by the size and shape of our kitchen. If you have this problem, try and make your kitchen conform to different zones instead; an area for tools and cutlery, an area for food, an area for preparing food, an area for cooking and finally an area to house your cleaning products.

Review your utensils

Try and give yourself a ‘go-to’ drawer close to the cooker that houses the types of utensils that you use on a regular basis. Your favourite chopping knife, vegetable peeler, can opener and other small but often used items. For larger items like strainers and colanders you can save some space by installing a hanging unit. 

Label your spices

Herbs and spices are great for transforming a bland dish into something exciting for your taste buds. Grab the ginger, paprika, nutmeg - whatever spices you have in your drawer, and label them up. If you keep them in a drawer then simply write on the lid or a piece of masking tape and stick it to the top. 

Label up your frozen foods

Another labelling system that can you save you time and space is to put labels on all of your frozen food. Freezing food is a great way to save you time cooking and with labels you can simply reach in and grab the right bag without having to work out what’s what.

Cut down on the gadgets

Whether you’ve been convinced by TV adverts or given them as a gift, we often end up with highly specialised kitchen gadgets that rarely get much use. Consider moving them from the kitchen to somewhere where they won’t be in the way.

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