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Productivity Tips: "Must, Should, Want"

If you’re anything like me, searching for ways to be more productive, is one of the biggest reasons why you’re not very productive. I spend more time reading about productivity, and trying out different techniques than I do being productive!

Ok, so maybe I’m not the best person to be preaching about productivity techniques then, but this one’s a real winner! It’s the simplest technique I’ve ever found and... it works. It’s a technique developed by Jay Shirley, the creator of a productivity app called The Daily Practice, so he knows his stuff. 

It’s called ‘Must, Should, Want’ and this is how it works

First thing in the morning, before you start your daily tasks, start by creating a to-do list, just as you normally would.

However, start the list with THREE new entries for the day.

1. I must                      (this is a high priority task that will have an immediate impact on your working day/week.)

2. I should                    (this is a task that will contribute to your long-term goals.)

3. I want                      (this is something that you WANT to do and something you enjoy.)

Including these three entries to your daily to-do list will help you always achieve something important, plus chip away at your long-term goals. Completing an ‘I want’ task helps you keep your sanity too! You should always make time for enjoyment. 

By adopting this technique, you should be super productive in the short term, be on your way to achieving your long-term goals and above all be happy too (helping you to be even more productive).

There it is, it’s that simple. Try it out tomorrow.

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Written by Mike Pye

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