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I work at time for you and done for 3years.I'am very satisfied work because  my manager is really great everything.I would highly recommend to anyone looking for flexible work.

6th May 2024.  I have my own 6 private homes that I've been going to for over 2 years,  I have always had free spaces on a Wednesday which I have never been able to fill, don't know the reason.  Anyway, I came across a Time For You cleaners are wanted advert and responded.  The next day, I sent in my application which I was advised to do and this was about 4 weeks ago.  I now have 2 very nice family homes in Netherlee which I clean every Wednesday.  Although they don't know each other, they live on the same street which is great for me.  I get home before 3.30pm and my clients between them pay me £70.  

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24th February 2024. My name is Annie and I am a Time For You cleaning lady.  I've been cleaning houses for as far back as I can remember, I was in my mid 20's when I started and I used to have my own wee cleaning business.  Me and my friend had about 30 clients between us and we ran the business together.  It was never easy and sometimes it took us 1 hour to get to where we were going.  Nowadays I only clean Time For You homes which is less stressful and I work 18 -20 hours per week. By car, my journey time is 10 - 15 minutes max to get to Giffnock and Newton Mearns.

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13th February 2024. It's been great so far.  I took on my first new client who lives in Shawlands in October, as I needed some extra income for Christmas.  I'm definitely not planning to stop and I have 6 weekly clients.  2 are very elderly and are my favourites.  I work only 3 days on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I'm allergic to cats so I was given customers who don't have any which is great.  Thank you Kenny and Karen for all your help.

5th February, 2024.  Looking back to when I first started cleaning Time For You customers properties which was about 3 years ago.  I'm aged in my 40's, but never previously been paid to clean.  I'd worked in retail all my life and hated it.  I knew I was good at keeping my own home clean, so when I came across The Time For You (Glasgow South) house cleaners are wanted advert, I decided to apply.  Within 2 weeks I was working in Mrs Richardson's 3 bed family home in Giffnock (I suppose you always remember your very first client).  I work 4 days each week and have every Friday off which is wonderful.

31st January 2024. I have been cleaning Time For You properties for almost 4 years in Newlands, Cathcart and Muirend.  I started off with working a couple of days per week which suited me just fine at the time,  Then after one year my youngest child started primary school and I increased my working week to 3 days. My usual starting time is around 9.30am and I'm always finished before 2.30pm.  The Time For You office team are always very helpful when I need to chat about something and easy to get hold of.

Patricia McLaughlin

I love working with TFY. It gives me the freedom to choose my own hours and fit work around my busy family life. The clients are always lovely and have everything needed to clean their homes. There is always support available if you need it, and lots of opertunity to take on extra cleans or cover cleans. I have really enjoyed my time so far with Avril and Samantha

I joined the company in March and it has been great to work with them. I organise times to fit around my schedule while running my own business. There's no pressure to work more than I want to but always included in opportunities to pick up more clients or cover shifts if I want them. There is always support from Avril and Samantha if I need it but mostly just get on with it myself. All my clients are a delight and appreciative of the work I do. Would highly recommend this company!


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