Benefits & Comparisons

Working with Time For You has so many benefits. Below show just a few! You will be valued, your work will be appreciated and you can build your work life to suit you!

It works well!

We already have over 100 self employed cleaners settled with us, and it works!

We find you Clients!

You do not need to advertise or look for work. We set it all up for you!

Insurance provided!

We provide you with insurance cover against any damage caused when cleaning (not use of bleach).

You work in a safe environment!

We visit or have a call with any Client we take on, giving you peace of mind that we are setting you up in a safe working environment. And our clients are lovely, friendly people, grateful for the help you will be providing.

Your happiness is important!

We are on hand to help manage your cleans, communicate with your Clients and ensure all parties are happy and everything falls into place smoothly.

We are here for you!

We are here if there is ever an issue, or you have a question - we are supportive and proactive so you are not alone to deal with anything that arises.

We cover for you!

We work to offer cover to your Clients if you go on holiday, ensuring they receive a consistent service so your work is there for you on your return.

You earn more!

We encourage Clients to pay a higher than average hourly rate for your cleaning and you will be paid directly from the Client usually within 24hrs of their clean.


Have a read of testimonials some of our lovely cleaners have written for us.


There are of course other options for you in terms of how you work - privately, or choosing an employed position elsewhere. However, we hope that reading the points below help to clarify the Pros and Cons of each - and that you will see how fantastic it is to work with us at Time For You!

Working Privately:

  • You control when you take on jobs and build up your diary to fit in with your life
  • You control where you take on jobs so they are well located and reduce travelling time and costs
  • You can stop with a Client if you aren't well suited
  • You set your hourly rate and payment terms
  • You need to provide your own insurance cover
  • You need to be proactive and work to build your client base through advertising/word of mouth etc
  • You need to deal directly with the Client if you encounter any issues
  • If you go away, your Clients are left without cover, which is inconsistent and your Client may start to look elsewhere to get a more consistent set up, especially if they are very dependent on a regular clean

Being employed by an agency:

  • You have the support of other people/your employers if issues were to arise
  • You have your employer to help manage your Clients
  • You don't need to find the work, it is all set up for you
  • If you have regular clients, your employer should be able to place cover when you are away/ill so the clients receive a consistent service and don't consider looking elsewhere if you can't attend
  • Products and equipment will be supplied either by the Clients or your employer
  • You will likely be on a lower hourly rate/minimum wage
  • You will likely be paid monthly
  • Your employer could send you to jobs that are not local so you have long travelling times
  • You may not be placed into a regular schedule/with the same Clients and therefore won’t settle into a routine, or get to know Clients and/or their houses and preferences
  • You will not have as much choice as working independently in terms of jobs you take on
  • You may be placed with a team of Cleaners rather than being able to work independently

Being self employed with TFY:

  • We are there to support, you choose the Clients you take on so are in control of your diary and locations, we provide insurance, we find and set up all the work for you, we help manage and provide cover for your cleans, you are on a competitive hourly rate and get paid within 24hrs of the clean.
  • Every Pro listed in both of the above scenarios are also true if you are a self-employed cleaner with TFY.
  • Every Con is not applicable to Time For You’s set up. We ensure the opposite!
  • None! So join us today!

So what is stopping you? All the pro's, none of the con's. Come and join us!


Here's some of our more frequently asked questions when becoming a cleaner at Time For You.


Cleaning at Time for you fits perfectly around the school run and my family, and has been an amazing way of earning extra money weekly for Christmases and Birthdays.  I am forever grateful to Amie-Jo for finding cleans which fit perfectly together and for always being there to support the team.

Elizabeth Staines

I love working with time for you, it is a great business! I am able to work around my mum and her illness, I really enjoy meeting new clients and doing my job well and I would recommend to friends, family and anyone that wants good work and great times to join the team.

We first spoke to Haley on the 15th November when she came to our homes to meet us both, we filled out the appropriate forms and gave her our references and within a day we were given clients to make contact with and so far we have had only really nice clients, we have had no complaints so we are hoping we are doing a good job for Haley at Time for You and long May it continue!
Lorraine & Gill

I work at time for you and have done for 2 years. I love it. It fits perfectly round my children and I can pick which hours I want with no pressure to take any that don't suit. My manager is Joanne and she is really supportive and understanding of family commitments. I would highly recommend working here, especially if you're a parent juggling work and children. The rates are good and competitive

I have several clients that Time For You have introduced me to. Its lovely knowing Theresa has been and met them before I take on the role! Theresa and Leigh are always so helpful and always avaliable!

I would recommend time for you cleaning its family owned by Joanne and Daniel. I work for them 2.5 yrs they are very professional and caring nothing to much trouble for them . Jo is amazing and caring and got me lovely clients who live in my area. I love working for jo. Its brilliant cleaning company .

Joining Time For You is the best thing I have ever done. I have such lovely clients and work the hours I choose. Karen has always been helpful and is there when I need her for anything. The best thing I have ever done was get in touch with Karen, Mrs L Leak.

Amie-Jo is a lovely person and so brilliant to work with, she always gets cover for my clients when needed. I love the clients at Time For You, they are all lovely and their houses are lovely too! The work is local so petrol costs are kept low which is ideal as I live alone and have a tight budget. It fits perfectly around my grandkids, the other cleaners are fantastic, we all work together as a brilliant team and cover each other when needed.

Sample testimonial for a test franchise!

Great company great support and always very helpful 

Time For You is rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 34 testimonials