Are you an experienced domestic cleaner seeking flexible cleaning opportunities in Plymouth. Where you can choose the days and times that suit your schedule.

At Time For You, we are looking for dedicated, hardworking and reliable individuals who love to clean.

As a self-employed cleaner, it's up to you when and where you work and which homes you decide to clean.

You will be paid by the client on the day, typically £13ph.

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4 hours a week is £52 per Week, £208 per month or £2496 per year

8 hours a week is £104 per week, £416 per month or £4992 per year

16 hours a week is £208 per week, £832 per month or £9984 per year

32 hours a week is £416 per week, £1664 per month or £19968 per year

Some cleaners are doing 45 + hours a week which is over £28000 per year!

You will be required to visit the same clients regularly on a weekly and fortnightly basis with the hours usually between    9 am - 4 pm Monday - Friday.  Some weekend availability is available for cover cleans.

All cleaning materials are provided by your clients and we provide insurance for your cleans! We also provide cover cleaners for your clients should you need any time off.  I make sure your clients are around your chosen area to help keep your travel costs at a minimum.

We are always a text or a phone call away should you ever have any queries or concerns. You will have me to personally help you through the step-by-step process of becoming a self-employed cleaner and any ongoing help.

If you feel we are right for you, we look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks Joe.

Joe Yorke

Typical Hourly Rate
£12.50 - £13.50
01752 905054

Become a cleaner in just 2 easy steps

Step 1 Submit your details via our easy to use application forms

You can easily apply for cleaning opportunities in your area by submitting an application form direct to us.

Step 2 In person interview at your Home

We like to meet in person anyone we work with and ask that we meet you in your home. This gives Clients a greater peace of mind about who we are placing into their homes.

Time For You Plymouth Cleaning Jobs


Here's some of our more frequently asked questions when becoming a cleaner at Time For You.

Cleaner Reviews

Cleaning at Time for you fits around the school run and my family, and has been a great way of earning extra money. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for flexible work.

I have several clients that Time For You have introduced me to. Its lovely knowing Theresa has been and met them before I take on the role! Theresa and Leigh are always so helpful and always avaliable!

Amie-Jo is a lovely person and so brilliant to work with, she always gets cover for my clients when needed. I love the clients at Time For You, they are all lovely and their houses are lovely too! The work is local so petrol costs are kept low which is ideal as I live alone and have a tight budget. It fits perfectly around my grandkids, the other cleaners are fantastic, we all work together as a brilliant team and cover each other when needed.

Great company great support and always very helpful 

I work at time for you and have done for 2 years. I love it. It fits perfectly round my children and I can pick which hours I want with no pressure to take any that don't suit. My manager is Joanne and she is really supportive and understanding of family commitments. I would highly recommend working here, especially if you're a parent juggling work and children. The rates are good and competitive

I love working with time for you, it is a great business! I am able to work around my mum and her illness, I really enjoy meeting new clients and doing my job well and I would recommend to friends, family and anyone that wants good work and great times to join the team.

The clients are nice and I'm working the hours I can.

We first spoke to Haley on the 15th November when she came to our homes to meet us both, we filled out the appropriate forms and gave her our references and within a day we were given clients to make contact with and so far we have had only really nice clients, we have had no complaints so we are hoping we are doing a good job for Haley at Time for You and long May it continue!
Lorraine & Gill

Joining Time For You is the best thing I have ever done. I have such lovely clients and work the hours I choose. Karen has always been helpful and is there when I need her for anything. The best thing I have ever done was get in touch with Karen, Mrs L Leak.

I love working with Time For You as it’s so flexible. You can work the days and hours that you want and Amie-Jo is always there to help should you need to change anything. Amie-Jo is also one of the nicest people I have met and is so easy to get along with! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for cleaning work as it has made a big change in my life, it’s great for people out there that love to clean just like myself!

Time For You is rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 35 testimonials