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Tips for cleaning the washing machine

clip_image001Our washing machines get dirty too, so if there’s a musky whiff coming from it here are some helpful tips to eliminate the odour and keep your washer smelling fresh:

Run a service wash

The average temperature of a wash in the UK is 40oC or less, but whilst this is a great way to save money on the energy bills there is a downside. Washing at these low temperatures won’t get rid of the bacteria and mould, so try running a service wash to eliminate the problem.

What we mean by a service wash is spinning/running the machine whilst its empty at a high temperature, ideally once a month as per most manufacturers recommendations.

Clean the seal, drawer and filter

First thing’s first – turn the machine off to do this! Mould and bacteria tends to fester around the rubber seal in the door, so after washing scrub the rubber down.

Nasty stuff also builds up in the detergent drawer, so remove the drawer by pulling it out, or using the button to release the drawer if there is one. Wash the detergent drawer in warm, soapy water with particular attention to the fabric softener compartment as this can be quite a gunky area.

Leave the door and drawer open

Leaving the washing machine drawer and door open will allow the air to circulate in the drum, helping to prevent mould and bacteria.

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