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Typical Hourly Rate


Would you like an Honest, Reliable, and Affordable Police Checked* Private Home Cleaner to
Clean and Care For Your Home?

Is your time too precious to spend it cleaning?
Would you like to get some of your free time back?
Are you looking for a cleaner and a service that you can trust?
Would you like more “Time For You”?

Time For You Berkshire is a local, family-run domestic cleaning business who will introduce you
to your ideal cleaner, who you can trust to provide a quality service time and again.

Call us on 01252 870195, Submit a Booking Request, or Request a Callback we'll phone you.

*police checked upon request

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It is our goal to match you with a local, highly-skilled, experienced, and reliable
domestic cleaner who meets your individual cleaning needs.

Your cleaner, who is carefully vetted by ourselves, will be the same every time and they will be insured
against accidental damage, giving you complete peace of mind.

We offer both Weekly House Cleaning and Fortnightly House Cleaning at a time that is convenient for you.

**** One off cleans are not currently not available. ****

We will personally visit you in your home to get to know you and understand your house cleaning requirements. This allows us to personalise the service to your specific needs and we will arrange a suitable time for you to meet your carefully selected domestic cleaner.

If required, your cleaner can also help you with your ironing and changing your bed linen.

Speak to us about your requirements by calling us on 01252 870195 or Requesting a Callback and we'll phone you.

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Our Philosophy

We believe life is too short to spend it cleaning

Areas covered

Bracknell, Bracknell , Crowthorne, Wokingham

RG12, RG40, RG41, RG42, RG45


We specialise in weekly and fortnightly regular cleaning. 

Weekly cleaning -  Typically £15.95 per hour for a minimum of two hours per visit.

Fortnightly cleaning  - Typically £17.95 per hour for a minimum of three hours per visit.

**** One off cleans are not currently not available. ****

**   Services include: Regular Cleaning, Ironing Service, Changing of bed Linen

 Discount Codes only applicable to Weekly cleans

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 Do I get the same Cleaner every week?

Yes, subject to sickness or holiday, we believe in sending you the same cleaner each week which allows you to build up trust and a good relationship with your cleaner. 

Am I employing the Cleaner?

No, the cleaner is self-employed and fully responsible for his/her own Income Tax and National Insurance.  

How do you vet your cleaners ?

Very carefully.  All cleaners initially complete our application form.  We conduct telephone interviews only with those who we believe show potential at this stage.  If we are happy with the interview we will then arrange a home interview with the cleaner. This allows us to see a potential cleaner's standards that they are living by.  We get to know them personally through this home visit and during this, we complete various checks, eg, ask for proof of address/references.  Only after we have carried out all of these checks do we add somebody to our database of cleaners. 

Can I meet the cleaner before they start?

Yes,   This is very important for both parties where the cleaner will visit you before commencing, discussing your requirements and familiarising themselves with your home.  This also ensures you are both comfortable with each other.  Many of our clients are working professionals and request their cleaner to have a key on their behalf, so, again, this can be facilitated at this pre-clean meeting.  Other clients, who may be in their home when the cleaner calls, are happy for the cleaner to simply arrive a short time earlier on the first clean day and discuss their needs then carry out the clean. It is up to you, what you would like to happen.

Who supplies the cleaning products and equipment?

Our cleaners will use your cleaning products and your vacuum, mop, sprays and cloths etc, this guarantees that you are happy with the products used and it eliminates cross-contamination from vacuum cleaners or cloths etc.  

How do I pay the Cleaner?

Cleaners usually like to be paid each time they clean, by cash or bank transfer which will be agreed with the cleaner when you meet them. 

I have pets, is this a problem?

No, this is absolutely fine.  When we meet cleaners at their home interview, we ask if they have any issues with pets.  We check if they are happy to be in a home with animals..  We will ensure that if you have pets we match you with a cleaner whom is comfortable to clean around your pets.

What if I’m not happy with the quality of work?

We will always contact you after the second clean and at the end of the first quarter to ensure that all has gone to your complete satisfaction. In the unlikely event that you are not fully satisfied, we will initially try and initially resolve this with feedback to your cleaner as long as you are happy with this course of action. If you decide that you would prefer to be introduced to a new cleaner with immediate effect, then with our ever growing large database of fully vetted cleaners, this would not be a problem.

Do I give the Cleaner a key?

That is completely at your discretion. Some Householders are present during the cleaning.   Some give a key after a month and some give a key when they first meet the cleaner.  It is totally up to you and what you are comfortable with.  A Key Safe is also a popular option.

Are you insured ?

 We are insured for up to £2 million pounds, against the cleaner accidentally damaging your property.  Please note that in order to keep our pricing competitive, we do have an excess of £100 on all claims. The insurance is primarily there for serious damage. 

What Happens Next?

Speak to us about your requirements by calling us on 01252 870195,   or  Requesting a Callback and we'll phone you.

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Vetted Cleaners

Affordable Prices

Own Account Manager

Why use us?

  • Vetted cleaners by Time For You Berkshire
  • Affordable prices at typically £15.95 per hour
  • Own account manager(s)
  • Identity checked cleaners
  • Same cleaner each week

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