Do you need hours that fit round other commitments - eg another part time job/family life/the school run - in fact do you dream about a job, where you have,  NO EARLIES, NO WEEKENDS AND NO EVENING WORK, IT'S JUST DAYTIME HOURS, MONDAY TO FRIDAY?

At Time For You YOU can choose the days, hours and the areas that YOU want to work in and get paid on the day of the clean with our clients happy to pay hourly rates of no less than £13.

We find work that suits YOU!

As you'll be working for YOU you'll have the power to manage your work life balance and be in control of your own earnings. You will have me to personally guide you through this easy step by step process into becoming an independent self employed cleaner.

Our clients look for honest, reliable cleaners who can perform general household tasks, such as dusting, vacuuming, floor and bathroom cleaning.  If you can offer ironing too, that's a bonus, but not essential.  You can choose the days and hours which suit you, as long as you can commit to visiting each client on the same day each visit.

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You need to be able to use your own initiative and have very high standards.

For successful applicants, we can offer 1 or 2 clients to begin with.  If you just want just a few hours we can accommodate that.  If you are looking for more hours, we can offer up to  around 16 hours a week.   If you are a great cleaner, your clients will tell us very quickly and you can certainly build up your own cleaning round, quickly.

We cover the following postcodes and you can choose where you wish to be introduced to clients, so there should potentially be private house cleans, near you:-

FK1,   FK2,  FK3,   FK4,  FK5,  FK6

INTERESTED?  Sound like a good match for you? 

Then apply today - the great thing is we have new clients joining us every week.

Don't take our word for it, see what Maria, who has had many cleaning jobs through us, since 2014, says:-

''Lesley and Time For You have been great.  Lesley has helped me get the hours that I need to support my family.  I have a wide variety of homes to clean and my clients are all great.  If I ever have any queries, the office are really helpful''

So, what are you waiting for?  - Maria is just one of many cleaners registered with us, who have been cleaning for the same  Time For You clients, for years - cleaners love the routine of cleaning for their same, allocated clients, week in, week out.  So, if this sounds good to you, complete our application form and we will be in contact.

We'd love to hear from you.

Lesley Spence

Typical Hourly Rate
£13.00 - £13.01

Become a cleaner in just 2 easy steps

Step 1 Submit your details via our easy to use application forms

You can easily apply for cleaning opportunities in your area by submitting an application form direct to us.

Step 2 In person interview at your Home

We like to meet in person anyone we work with and ask that we meet you in your home. This gives Clients a greater peace of mind about who we are placing into their homes.

Time For You Falkirk Cleaning Jobs


Here's some of our more frequently asked questions when becoming a cleaner at Time For You.

Cleaner Reviews

We first spoke to Haley on the 15th November when she came to our homes to meet us both, we filled out the appropriate forms and gave her our references and within a day we were given clients to make contact with and so far we have had only really nice clients, we have had no complaints so we are hoping we are doing a good job for Haley at Time for You and long May it continue!
Lorraine & Gill

I love working with time for you, it is a great business! I am able to work around my mum and her illness, I really enjoy meeting new clients and doing my job well and I would recommend to friends, family and anyone that wants good work and great times to join the team.

Joining Time For You is the best thing I have ever done. I have such lovely clients and work the hours I choose. Karen has always been helpful and is there when I need her for anything. The best thing I have ever done was get in touch with Karen, Mrs L Leak.

The clients are nice and I'm working the hours I can.

I work at time for you and have done for 2 years. I love it. It fits perfectly round my children and I can pick which hours I want with no pressure to take any that don't suit. My manager is Joanne and she is really supportive and understanding of family commitments. I would highly recommend working here, especially if you're a parent juggling work and children. The rates are good and competitive

I work at time for you and done for 3years.I'am very satisfied work because  my manager is really great everything.I would highly recommend to anyone looking for flexible work.

Amie-Jo is a lovely person and so brilliant to work with, she always gets cover for my clients when needed. I love the clients at Time For You, they are all lovely and their houses are lovely too! The work is local so petrol costs are kept low which is ideal as I live alone and have a tight budget. It fits perfectly around my grandkids, the other cleaners are fantastic, we all work together as a brilliant team and cover each other when needed.

Great company great support and always very helpful 

Cleaning at Time for you fits perfectly around the school run and my family, and has been an amazing way of earning extra money weekly for Christmases and Birthdays.  I am forever grateful to Amie-Jo for finding cleans which fit perfectly together and for always being there to support the team.

Elizabeth Staines

I have several clients that Time For You have introduced me to. Its lovely knowing Theresa has been and met them before I take on the role! Theresa and Leigh are always so helpful and always avaliable!

Time For You is rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 35 testimonials