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Are you a cleaner and looking for work? Here at TFY we are constantly recruiting for reliable cleaners as we are continually growing our client base in West Lothian. 


Flexibility: YOU are in control! Choose the days, the hours and the postcodes that suit YOUR preferences. You can take as many holidays as you want (clients can bank the hours for you to work back).

Instant Payments: Get paid on the day of the clean either £13 or £13.50 per hour depending on their frequency.

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Support & Coverage: We provide cleaning materials, insurance, and cover cleaners for your peace of mind and convenience.

Personal Support: We're just a text or a phone call away for any queries or concerns.

Cleaner Incentives: 'Cleaner of the Month' and 'Refer a Friend £100 Voucher'. 

Get in touch today if you would like to top up your incoming working with Scotlands Premier Domestic Cleaning Company!

Avril Murphy | Samantha Cullen

Typical Hourly Rate
£13.00 - £13.50
West Lothian Office
01506 674 581

Become a cleaner in just 2 easy steps

Step 1 Submit your details via our easy to use application forms

You can easily apply for cleaning opportunities in your area by submitting an application form direct to us.

Step 2 In person interview at your Home

We like to meet in person anyone we work with and ask that we meet you in your home. This gives Clients a greater peace of mind about who we are placing into their homes.

Time For You West Lothian Cleaning Jobs


Here's some of our more frequently asked questions when becoming a cleaner at Time For You.

Cleaner Reviews

Time For You…. is amazing! The support we get is amazing, we always get a reply to any questions or issues with a resolve. You can choose your own hours which gives you - TIME FOR YOU! Avril and Samantha and brilliant at any help, getting cover, offering clients and every other aspect just all around great people and service!

Brooke Muirhead

I haven’t been with time for you for very long but for me it’s like having another little family People I can talk to if I need help or support and I am encouraged by them to do the job that I now love you never feel that you are on your own dealing with any issues you might have Then there is the clients, I couldn’t have wished for better people to work for I have a wide range of clients some elderly some disabled and some people busy with their own work commitments some I see others I don’t but the big thing for me is that people who are not in when I go to them TRUST me to let myself in and do a good job for them I am glad I responded to the job when I saw it it is great to be appreciated and both bosses and clients are very good at letting you know how well you are doing

Sadie McMillan

Since starting with Time For You, West Lothian, I have been very impressed with the professionalism of the office team and communications all round. Feedback from my first clients was shared with me and you feel you can take real pride in your work. There's always flexibility if you need it in terms of hours, days and cover shifts and opportunities to make extra cash too. I'm very happy working for Time For You, West Lothian!

Vicki Hall

I have been working with time for you since September last year. Avril and Samantha are so supportive, and check in to see how you are. From the interview to my first client it was a very easy process. I have had the same clients since starting and they are all amazing. If there are any issues you do have with a client the ladies are always there to help you rectify things. Also. There is always extra hours to pick up. From it being cover cleans or taking on new clients at a time that suits you. I also have a friend who started with the company and I was kindly gifted a £50 gift voucher. On my birthday I also received a card and a birthday cake. I would highly recommend this company as it gives you the flexibility you may need, more time for family or even just enjoying life.

Claire Stout

I use to work in health and social care and had a really hard time of it, long gruelling shifts with little respect from management. I use to dread every shift. Now, since starting for TFY, I have not dreaded any shift I have looked forward to seeing my clients who are all lovely and so kind to me. I don't come home mentally and physically drained, I only have positive things to say. Avril and Samantha immediately made me feel comfortable talking to them about anything, I have gone to them for advice a few times since starting and they respond quickly and their answers are clear, supportive and friendly. I have always loved cleaning and never imagined I could do it as a full-time job but with the support from TFY I now have a full schedule, two clients a day, and I can do cover shifts every now and then to make a little more money if I need. The schedule works for me too since I now have a puppy who needs feeding three times a day so I can work in the morning, come home for lunch and then go back to work again and be home for tea. I went on holiday for a week a while ago and my clients banked their hours and so I didn't lose out on money that week then, that was something I was nervous about before I started the job. Avril and Samantha are always there to support you if you need more hours or need to reduce your hours, they allow it to work for you. Highly recommended TFY

Rebecca Egan

Working with Time For You has been an absolute pleasure. The support is amazing, with constant help and feedback available if you need it. The hours are fully flexible to suit my busy life, and the "get paid on the day" approach can be a real lifesaver at times. Definitely one of the best companies I have worked with so far.

Stephanie Forrest



I have worked with TFY for just over 4 years now, its so easy to get the hours I want and if I need any more Avril or Sam are always on hand to help out, all of my clients have been great and still friends with some off them to date, glad I did this and have the opportunity to know some great people, the ladies are always there if I need anything and arrange cover cleans, definitely would recommend TFY!

Leigh Smith

I joined the company in March and it has been great to work with them. I organise times to fit around my schedule while running my own business. There's no pressure to work more than I want to but always included in opportunities to pick up more clients or cover shifts if I want them. There is always support from Avril and Samantha if I need it but mostly just get on with it myself. All my clients are a delight and appreciative of the work I do. Would highly recommend this company!

Hannah Guy

I love working with TFY. It gives me the freedom to choose my own hours and fit work around my busy family life. The clients are always lovely and have everything needed to clean their homes. There is always support available if you need it, and lots of opertunity to take on extra cleans or cover cleans. I have really enjoyed my time so far with Avril and Samantha

Rebecca Cargill

I have been working for time for you for nearly a year and a half now. All I can say is that I thoroughly enjoy my working days now. I can fit work around my children and always the opportunity to pick up extra cleans if in need of some extra cash. Avril and Samantha have been excellent also. Nothing is ever too much trouble and they are always there to help with anything you may need. Perfect opportunity to make work/life balance feasible and more importantly enjoyable. 

Claire Johnston

Time For You West Lothian is rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 11 testimonials