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Easy to Follow Tips for Green House Cleaning

Most homeowners today prefer getting their homes cleaned through green house cleaning. There are simple tips you can follow to make your home a healthier place for your family. Keeping them free from harm from the commercial solutions in the market may bring about while being environmentally-friendly.

To start cleaning using this technique, you should consider the easy ways you can approach cleaning.

Your home does not have to smell like pine forest to ensure it is completely clean. If you often use products that have very strong odors, you will end up having a headache or irritated skin and eyes. When it comes to cleaning, you need not to use chemical compounds because they can have harmful effects to your family and assuming their strong smells is equivalent to making your home clean.

Instead of using chemical compounds, you can make use of vinegar in washing the glass and windows in your home. This is a non-toxic technique and can leave the surfaces shiny and clean. A mixture of essential oils and baking soda is great when it comes to cleaning the carpet and furniture. In cleaning wood, beeswax can be ideally used. Different spots in your home can be cleaned with mop or micro fiber material which will remove microorganisms away without leaving any residue. Aside from being effective, these items are also cheap and can be easily found inside the house. You get dual benefits here—green house cleaning and saving cash.

Check the labels of your cleaning products and the ingredients they contain. They are mostly toxic and detrimental to the health of the entire family. Many products are made of up components which can set off cancer. When eliminating these products, make sure to do it in an eco-friendly manner.

If there are products that give unpleasant effect to your eyes or nostril, make sure to eliminate them because if you or anyone in the family inhaled it, it might have ill effects to your health. Avoid using sponges because they can attract bacteria. Instead, use paper towels because they are also excellent cleaners. There are also microfiber products you can use to get rid of germs.

Follow these green house cleaning tips and you can have a home that’s cleaner and greener. You get to save the health of your family while saving money at the same time.


3 Easy Tips on How to Teach Your Kids Clean Up After Themselves


As a mother, getting your kids to clean up after their mess can be a very daunting task. Kids have the tendency to gather a lot of stuff. You’re finding toys scattered everywhere, books everywhere, and clothes everywhere. What are you going to do?

If you are like the majority of the mums, you would just probably clean the clutter yourself. But every now and then, this can be very frustrating.

Here are 3 easy tips on how you can get your kids clean up after themselves.


  1. Make cleaning a routine


Scheduling is the best way to take the nuisance out of most things. If your children know that they have tasks that they need to do every day, soon enough they will stop complaining.


Try to set 3 specific times to clean each day. Try after lunch, before dinner, and before bedtime. With this, your kids will remember to put their things away right after using it. Set a timer. You will be amazed on how quickly they can get it done.


The harder part is on how to institute this routine. Ban your kids from doing anything until they are done with cleaning. No games, no TV, no computer, no cell phones. Consider this as privileges to them.


Remember that this will only work if you make it a daily routine for your kids.


  1. Make it easy to clean


Provide your kids with cabinets or boxes that can hold their stuff. Most of the time children don’t know where to place their stuff or there are no appropriate furniture’s to hold it. During the first few days, help them in cleaning and organizing their rooms just so you will know if there are some stuff that needs a place.


When children have enough places to store their stuff, it will be easier for them to tidy their things.


  1. Make cleaning fun


Make cleaning fun by playing games like “beat the clock”. Set a timer for an appropriate time and ask your kids to clean their rooms or whatever room in your house they have been playing in before. Whoever gets their job on time will get a prize. This game can be so fun that you may even find your kids playing it themselves.


As you can see, keeping your kids to clean up after themselves is made easier with these tips. But like most things with parenting, it requires hard work and patience to enforce these routines. So get up and get your kids cleaning.


Keep your House Clean with these Simple Tips

For most people, house cleaning can be a very daunting and tiring task. They associate it with hassle and stress. But this is always not the case every time you are faced with the task of cleaning your house. There are actually other ways you can do to make house cleaning much easier.

First off, have a plan. Dealing with big jobs like house cleaning can be much easier if you create a list of things you should do and a clear order on which you should do first. You can begin cleaning outside. If you have a pathway made of concrete leading to your house, there may be some debris that has made its way inside. Your doorways have to be cleared first and any excess dirt should be swept.

The doormat should be hit against a pile to remove any dirt and dust. When cleaning the inside of your home, you should vacuum first - all the rooms in your home must be vacuumed. This can leave you a sense of accomplishment and with the bigger job out of the way, you can simply start concentrating on the smaller tasks. Take it one room after the other.

It is not going to be a good idea if you clean your living room and dining area at the same time. You can scrub away, dust between the blinds or wipe the surfaces between the blinds but it should be taken one step at a time. Of course don’t forget to take a break between tasks. You can use some items you already have in your home to do the cleaning.

You may find natural cleaning agents, tools and even cooking agents that can be very useful in cleaning. Most people use white vinegar when cleaning. This can be used not just a cleansing but a deodorizing agent as well. It can also be used with water and other things like baking soda to come up with a mixture that can remove those stubborn stains.

Getting the cleaning job done by yourself is not always feasible especially if you do not have the time and effort to do so.

If this is the case, you can hire a professional house cleaner or a house cleaning company like Time For You Domestic Cleaning that will do the cleaning for you.

These professionals know the most suitable cleaning agents to be used to keep your home cleaner for longer. To find a Time For You branch in your area please click here.

Keeping your home clean and fresh

How to get rid of strong smells

Onions make fantastic odour eliminators. Whether you've been cooking fish or you've just moved into your new home which has an unwanted odour, here's a tip that might get rid of any lingering smells. Cut a white onion in half and leave it on your windowsill for a couple of nights. The onion will absorb any unwanted smells, leaving your home odour free.

How to keep your waste bin smelling fresh

If you have a garbage disposal unit fitted in your kitchen, try placing some orange or lemon peel into the unit to keep it smelling fresh.

How to maintain a fresh smelling toilet

Pour half a cup of baking soda into your toilet tank at the back. Water is always present in this tank and can sometimes cause an odour. Adding baking soda will create a natural deodorizer to help keep your bathroom smelling great.

How to keep your microwave fresh

To clean off stubborn food splatters inside your microwave, soak a sponge in water and place on a dish inside. Turn to a high heat for 2 minutes then allow to sit for a further 5 minutes without opening the microwave door. Wipe the mess straight off with the sponge. Keeping a cup of baking soda in the microwave between uses will also stop food smells combining every time you cook.

Removing animal hair

Removing animal hair from sofas, carpets and stairs can be very frustrating, especially when your pet is moulting. The best way to collect and remove the hair from the furniture is to use rubber gloves. Put them on and wipe your hand across the hair. The pet hair will then begin to clump together and form bundles in places. This makes it easier for you to pick the hair up in bunches and put in the bin.

Simple food removal for a clean home and oven

Scrubbing the oven is such a tough job and can be a serious problem for people who leave food that has splatter the sides of the oven. Acting quickly is the best way to ensure that the spills do not stick to the oven. To avoid having to spend hours on your hands and knees scrubbing dirty food, sprinkle salt over the spills as quickly as possible. When the oven cools you will be able to brush away the burnt on food with a damp cloth or sponge, leaving you with a clean oven and the feeling of a clean home.

Essential tips for cleaning plastic shower curtains

Cleaning clear plastic shower curtains can be a nightmare for some people so this could be considered as one of the most sought after tips for cleaning.

The shower curtain can quickly become covered in dirt and discoloured because of the daily spray it receives from the shower. Try placing the shower curtain in the washing machine with normal laundry soap and add a cup of white vinegar to the wash. Then simply place it on a gentle cycle.


Alternatively, hand wash the curtain using the same two chemicals. However, be sure to use rubber gloves if cleaning the curtain this way! White vinegar is acidic and is an excellent rinsing agent for soap and water stains that have been left by the shower.

Dusting the back of the radiator made easy when cleaning your home

There is nothing more annoying than looking for ways to remove the dirt and dust from behind the radiator when cleaning your home. Although out of sight, the back of the radiator can build up dust quickly without you realising and is a difficult area to clean, especially if you have big hands or an extremely tight space between radiator and wall.


Try hanging a damp cloth or sheet of damp newspaper behind the radiator and blowing the radiator with a hairdryer. This will force out the hidden dust, forcing it to stick to the cloth or newspaper that you have strategically placed behind the radiator.

Sparkling glasses mean you will be giving out tips on cleaning

When entertaining friends and family there is nothing more unsatisfying than realising that stubborn price stickers have left a mark on your cocktail glasses or have not been fully removed.


To remove the stubborn stickers easily, simply rub smooth peanut butter all over the sticker area. Toothpaste can also be used to make the glasses sticker free. Use a moist cloth or sponge and rub the area gently, leaving you with sparkling cocktail glasses.


This tip can be passed around the dinner party and will make you the envy of your guest, with many people coming to you for tips on cleaning.

Removing carpet impressions makes cleaning a home easy

When moving a living space around or replacing old furniture, it can be disappointing to see that the old furniture has left a dent in your carpet. It is always exciting to see new furniture take shape and see it fit in to your living space until you notice the impressions left by old or moved furniture.

This is unavoidable but can be erased with this simple and effective tip that could be regarded as one of the most useful tips for cleaning a home.


Go straight to the freezer when you realise that furniture has left impressions in your carpet. Place two ice cubes on each impression. As they melt they will loosen the carpet fibres so that they stand, rather than look flat. Let the area dry overnight and then vacuum, leaving your carpet looking as good as new.